RD Manufacturing

RD Manufacturing produces a comprehensive range of flexible plastic pipes with a full array of fittings and accessories for all industry applications.

We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned with local manufacturing facilities delivering quality products made for stock and to order.

Our ‘one stop’ approach allows flexibility to cater to customers’ needs and enables us to support large scale infrastructure and existing distribution networks.

RD Manufacturing has the ability to manufacture rotational powder, fabricate plastic polyethylene fittings, sumps and cesspits.

RD Manufacturing aspires to contribute to sustainable resource management through innovation, design and service. Our experienced manufacturing personnel can provide product solutions and technical advice to support all project design and installation.

In 2010 with the business expanding,  RD Manufacturing relocated all it’s manufacturing divisions, into a 10,000sqm factory in Papakura.

In 2011 RD Manufacturing created New Zealands first Onsite Mobile Extrusion Plant which was used to manufacture 400km of 110mm MDPE for Contact Energy’s Wairakei Bioreactor.


Recycling and Sustainability

As part of RD Manufacturing’s commitment to sustainability, it also houses a recycling division which takes industry produced plastic and converts it into products such as layerboards. 
The plastic recycling division gave the company the ability to offer a closed-loop system, a first for New Zealand.
RD Manufacturing strives to meet the needs of our present generation without compromising the ability of future generations.
By recycling plastic, our company is directly involved in the flow of materials, both in the manufacturing process and for the purposes of our customers.
As one of New Zealand’s only ‘closing the loop’ extrusion company, we aim to recycle waste plastic in order to reduce the use of imported resins. The use of virgin resin materials has a higher cost on the environment, whereas by using recycled material, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced, as well as the diversion of waste from landfills. 
RD Manufacturing takes polyethylene pipe scrap from pipe installers, post-industrial and post-consumer scrap, which is then chipped, washed and palletised before being renewed. This recycled material is blended into culvert pipes, used to make layerboards and sold to other product producers.

+ RD Manufacturing Capabilities

Proudly New Zealand owned, with our own manufacturing facilities, we aim to produce and deliver quality products.
In addition to manufacturing a full range of the company’s plastic products such as rural water pipes, culverts and drainage coil, we also contract manufacture, get in touch with any queries or orders.
Here’s a list of some of the products we can manufacture as below:
– Portable Extrusion – Butt Welding & Electro-fusion – Recycling & Sustainability – Polyethylene Fabrication – Rotational Powder – Layerboards & Topboards – Custom Extrusion

Polyethylene Fabrications

RD Manufacturing has developed the capacity to design, fabricate and weld polyethylene sheet and pipes. Using of state of art extrusion welding machines, items up to 20mm thick can be manufactured.
Products such as detention tanks, pipe bends and maintenance pits have already been designed and fabricated.  Bespoke items such as complicated bends up to 450mm diameter, used in irrigation and water supply systems have also been tried and tested, with the ability to weld into polyethylene systems. Pressure testing is also available.  

Rotational Powder

RD Manufacturing has the ability to compound rotational grade polyethylene resins and grind into a powder suitable for rotational moulding.
Premium rotational moulding powder is made specifically from hexane based Orica resins to cater to New Zealand’s harsh conditions. Additionally it provides maximum protection against harmful U.V. rays and is perfect for water tank applications.
Standard tank colours comply with AS2070 Part 1 and Part 8 with regards to food contact. A variety of standard tank grade colours are available ex-stock.
Recycling of past industrial rotational moulding scrap is a responsible part of business looking to create an environmentally friendly industry. Scrap material from rotational mouldings is collected, granulated, re-compounded and ground. This powder can then be reused to make non-critical components such as storage bins and fibre-optic pits.

Layerboards and Topboards

Layerboards are used exclusively in the glass and PET bottle manufacturing industry. They are used to palletise empty bottles and act as a support between each bottle layer. The standard size for layer boards is 1000mm x 1200mm, made from 100% recycled. The 4mm thick boards have a low density sealing film on either side and have numerous advantages over cardboard/MDF boards:
–  Can be cleaned and reused
–  Able to be recycled
–  Long life, up to 5 years (200 return trips)
–  Environmentally more acceptable than one-use cardboard
–  Will not decompose if wet
–  Boards will stay flat and not buckle in sunlight
As well as the standard 4mm board, also available are 10mm thick Topboards used for strapping.  The boards can be sized and cut and used as product dividers in bins etc.

Custom Extrusion

RD Manufacturing can provide a one stop shop for rigid and flexible extrusion profiles. Our team are able to design custom tooling, tooling turning and provide production runs.
Industries we serve are manufacturing, agriculture and marine industry.

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