Need water storage tanks that are extremely strong and dependable, lightweight, and food-grade safe?
Devan’s high quality water tank range is made of polyethylene – a plastic material, known to be the toughest in the industry, that features all these and more.

Our water storage tanks can cover whatever use you have in mind. We carry a wide range of non-fading colours to complement with the facility or environment. These are also as durable as they are good-looking. UV-stabilised, Devan poly tanks are specially manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions of New Zealand.

Our Never worry about corrosion, rust, or weeping concrete cracking again. Side walls are built to be super thick, and tubular space frames are in place for extra tuff domes and come with brass outlets.

The superior construction qualities of poly storage tanks make them long-lasting, requiring less to no maintenance at all! Plus, our domestic water tank range comes with a 20-year warranty.

Browse our selection of above ground and below ground types, agri tanks, fire tanks, industrial tanks, and urban rainwater storage.If you’re unsure about what tank size you need, get in touch

Water Tanks - Above Ground

Above ground water tanks are the preferred choice for water collection and storage simply for their lower upfront costs. You will definitely save more time and money on installation with significantly less site preparation.

These are the best water tanks NZ has to offer to help you collect rainwater, storm water and any other source of water you can think of. You can never go wrong with these Devan tanks.

Beyond being affordable, Devan above ground rainwater tanks are extremely durable and come in a variety of hard-wearing colours. Designed for maximum strength in the dome, your tank won’t cave in upon installation or servicing, nor will most snow loading have an effect. UV-stabilised, they’re constructed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh environmental conditions.

Water Tanks - Below Ground

A below ground water tank is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to integrate water storage while saving space, without creating a visual impact to the landscape. Though upfront cost may be higher compared with above ground water tanks, an underground water reservoir is protected from tampering and vandals, as well as exposure to New Zealand’s harsh environmental conditions and natural disasters.

Agri Tanks

Providing the best large volume water storage tanks in NZ since 1992, Devan also manufactures a range of agricultural tanks. These tanks are made from the highest quality polyethylene to first-rate standards utilising advanced technology, making each agri tank as safe as it is durable and hard-wearing. UV-stabilised and 100% rust-free, these are ideal for bulk storage of potable water and liquid animal feed. Agri tank connection kits are also available for easy plumbing and convenient storage content administration.

New Zealand agricultural tank range includes molasses tanks, Colostrum tanks, and Whey storage solutions. In different shapes and sizes, with capacities ranging from 600 liters all the way up 30,000 liters, Devan can provide you with the ideal tank for any of your agricultural needs. Check out our selection!

Slimline Tanks

Every drop counts… rainwater tanks for collection and reuse of rainwater to supplement water usage in urban areas have been increasing in popularity. This not only lowers monthly water rates costs. It also reduces the demand for water supply and the amount of disposed stormwater leading to less flooding downstream and more money saved on pipes and erosion control.

Enjoy all these benefits and more by installing the best rainwater tanks NZ can offer. Devan’s range of slim rainwater harvesting tanks packages come in 1,000 up to 5,000-litre, ideal for emergency situations or everyday use in gardening.

MDPE 9 Bar

LDPE Low Pressure

Irrigation Pipe