Modern concrete and steel reinforcing systems require corrosion protection barriers, Civil Direct have developed numerous systems to address this issue in the way of sheaths and ducts.Each system typically requires a plastic sheath over the reinforcing components, as well as a protective polyethylene duct over the bundles.

In the past, the duct has been made from standard corrugated pipe. But recently the NZ Transport Agency issued a new specification with a minimum wall, pitch and amplitude for all external corrugated ducts, based of British Standard BS8081.This now meant for large jobs, standard corrugated pipe was no longer allowed. To combat this, Civil Direct invested in technology to manufacture a spiral pipe. This duct not only has the ability to resist moisture transfer, but supports the reinforcing bundle structure and acts as an anchoring system with filled with grout.
Systems are designed on an individual basis and an engineering solution can be developed for each application.
Proudly made in New Zealand by RD Manufacturing

GROUTING TUBES – Civil direct stocks two sizes of plastic sheaths or Grouting Tubes:

Grouting Tube
Nominal IDProduct CodeOutside DiameterWall ThicknessAverage Inside DiameterStocked Coil Size

SPIRAL PIPE – Dimensions

Spiral Tube
Nominal IDProduct CodeAverage Internal DiameterOutside DiameterMin. Wall ThicknessPitchkg/m

Continuous Ducting

Fibre Optic

Enviro Culvert