Williams Engineering, we know that effective and efficient farm dairy effluent disposal systems takes time to plan, install and manage, but that time spent is recovered by the returns gained through better use of the dairy farm effluent and a user-friendly system


For over 40 years Williams Engineering have been manufacturing high quality, well designed, practical, user friendly, cost effective farm machinery. By 1984 the company was specializing in the manufacture of effluent disposal equipment and systems.

The focus of the company is to ensure farmers install the best cost effective system for their situation. Williams Engineering provide a comprehensive range of purpose designed and manufactured equipment for complete effluent systems, meeting requirements for all farm types. It is of vital importance that the support and services provided reaches the same quality and professionalism as that of their manufactured products.

Farm effluent should be considered a resource, not a waste, and with proper handling and management, the benefits can far offset the costs. It is important to get the right advice and information on the effluent disposal system that suits your situation on your farm.

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Deluxe Junior

The Williams Deluxe Junior Irrigator is a shorter armed version of the Spider Deluxe. This irrigator is specifically designed for smaller sized farms with lower powered pumps (5.0-7.5hp). If at a later date a larger pump is installed, extensions can be bolted into the arms to convert your Deluxe Junior to a Spider Deluxe. The Deluxe Junior comes standard with 200m of stainless steel wire.

GB Magnum

The Williams GB Magnum Travelling Raingun Irrigator is the first of its kind. The patented design combines the performance of a static raingun with the reliability of our Greenback travelling irrigator to create an irrigator that we believe surpasses all competing forms of effluent irrigation equipment. With a wetted width more than twice as wide as a traditional travelling irrigator, offering application rates and depths competitive with sprinkler systems, the Magnum is the obvious answer to your MooPoo problem.

Greenback Spider

Increase your pasture production by capitalizing on your farms available resources with the Williams Greenback Spider Travelling Irrigator. A simple speed change procedure with a choice of five travel speeds allows greater control of effluent application depths (minimum of 5mm) thus allowing greater control of soil absorption rates optimizing the benefits of the natural fertilizer.

Spider Deluxe

The Williams Spider Deluxe Irrigator is designed to operate with a 2800 rpm 7.5hp – 15hp effluent pump which suits most average sized farms. The Deluxe is a proven travelling irrigator with 1,500+ worldwide.

Available in stainless steel, galvanised or nylon wire rope and options in lengths of 250 or 300 metres.

Effluent Pipe

Riser Hydrants